The Research Team

MD Medical Devices Consulting has an international team of professional and experienced researchers based in various European countries. Their expertise in the medical devices industry, along with their unique methodology allows us to present our clients with the highest quality talents for each mission, preserving at every level the confidentiality required through their high discretion.

Talent Identification and Screening

Our In-House research team use their extensive knowledge and experience to identify, screen and attract outstanding candidates. After having received an in-depth briefing from the Senior Consultant in charge of the recruitment on the profile of the candidates to be identified, our researchers will use every possible means to contact potential profiles working for the companies which have been targeted.

Professional methodologies

Using our unique research methodologies, we target the right companies and identify the best suitable candidates. This is done by direct-approach headhunting of potential candidates who have experience in the medical devices sector in which the client operates. Our In-house research team will establish a target list of companies working in the same field, which have similar sizes and technologies to those of the client.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Using total discretion and confidentiality, we approach possible candidates and only present to our clients interested and qualified individuals. Our philosophy applied throughout the research process is to represent ourselves and our clients in a very professional manner during our contacts with potential candidates. We try to describe in a very complete way the activities, objectives, missions, structure while preserving the adequate level of confidentiality all throughout the process.

"We bring together the best organisations with the best people."

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