Executive Search

MD Medical Devices Consulting has built up a very strong reputation over many years for successfully identifying, screening, validating and selecting candidates for senior and middle management European positions for our Medtech clients.

Our consultants who have many years’ experience in senior operational positions within the medical devices industry invest heavily up front to understand the clients’ needs and the circumstances of the recruitment. In a face to face meeting we will ensure that we understand the circumstances that is leading to the recruitment as well as the leadership skills, qualifications, education, professional experiences of the candidate to be selected. It is also important that the candidates’ personality will be a strong fit within our clients’ team.

Talent Identification and Screening

As our Consultants have medical devices expertise we have built up strong connections across the medical devices industry and in addition we use our own qualified researchers to carry our primary identifications directly with candidates and first screening against the profiles being sought.

Many companies and their recruiters use extensive searches on social media to identify candidates. Unfortunately, the best candidates who are not necessarily looking for a new professional assignment do not have the time to be active on social media and so will be missed. We see our value in being able to identify the best candidates and following screening try and interest even those who may not be looking for a move in the position to be filled. With our experience and passion for the Medtech business, we have strong credentials to persuade candidates to interest themselves in the opportunities we are trying to fill.

Candidate Validation

Having completed a screening process, we invite all potential candidates to a face to face in-depth interview with our Lead Consultant. During the interviews we try and test the presentation, leadership, and career successes and failures of the candidate to be able to assess their suitability for the position to be filled. Generally, the meeting will last 90 minutes which gives the consultant the time to be able to evaluate the candidate’s experiences and qualifications against the “Must Have” and “Nice to Have” criteria agreed between the client and the consultant before the mission is commenced. A detailed assessment report will be prepared including resumé and submitted to the client for all candidates to be presented.

Reference Checks

At the request of our clients we are very happy to take references on their behalf for candidates selected. Generally, phone interviews are carried out with the referees to test particularly any areas of concern from the interviews and submit a detailed written report to the client.

Reference Checks

We respect the confidentiality of our clients and the roles we are asked to fill and use total discretion and confidentiality when requested by clients. We also respect the confidentiality of our candidates ensuring that information on them will only be forwarded to clients with their explicit permission.

"We bring together the best organisations with the best people."

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